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About Us

Decades of Experience

Doug Jr. his brother, and father all working on Doug's own home in 1992.

Doug Larsen Jr. his father and brother working on his own home in 1992. 

Larsen Construction Legacy.

Doug's father, Doug Larsen Sr. was crucial to the early development of Treasure Valley residences in the 1970s and onto Valley County in the 1980s. Doug Sr. taught his sons everything he knew from an early age, instilling in them the skills necessary to be master craftsmen. 

Beginning his career in the framing profession in  1983 to becoming a building contractor in 1989. Doug is devoted to protecting home owners and their investments, keeping their best interests in mind. 

During the first portion of his career Doug worked on crews building homes and residences all over Alaska for multiple years, before moving to Santa Barbara, CA in 1986. Where he worked to build custom homes as well as the Santa Barbara City Hall. 

In 1989 Doug Larsen returned to the Treasure Valley, establishing his own construction company, Doug Larsen Construction, inc. in the early 1990s. During the 1990s Doug Larsen and his crews built hundreds of buildings across Western states, and attaining Contractors Licenses in 7 different states before Idaho added the requirement in 2005.   

In 2017 Doug became The Northwest Area Supervisor for the new startup off-site construction company, Katerra. For 2 years Doug managed multiple large pre-fabrication projects for buildings in Seattle, Spokane, Portland, and custom homes in Gozzer Ranch on Lake Coeur d'Alene.

After leaving Katerra and the Spokane area, Doug returned home to Meridian, began his custom hardwood furniture and milling business, Wild Edge Hardwood. And has since began consulting on multiple custom home builds in the Treasure Valley. 


Over 40 years of networking and relationship building in the construction industry. Established relationships with master craftspeople all across the United States. 


Doug has over 40 years of experience in construction, has completed hundreds of homes,  saved homeowners thousands of dollars and hours of stress and anxiety. 


Integrity, and honesty are two of the biggest things that Doug Larsen brings to any job he's part of. Ensuring things are done correctly, and that expectations are being met. 

"I want to work with and represent homeowners to protect their investments in a way that has their best interests in mind."

- Doug Larsen Jr.

Doug Larsen in Alaska circa 1984. 

Our Mission

To Protect Home Owners. 

​Doug wants more than anything to work with homeowners to protect them, and ensure their build is done correctly from start to finish. Plan design, takeoff, supervision, permitting and protecting the homeowners' investment.  And just ensure that the experience is pleasant for everything. 

Contact Doug Larsen today for guidance on your next project.

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